Urban Orbs in a Distopian World

Masakatsu Sashie Floating Spheres 1

I don’t know about you, but when I look at these floating orbs painted by Japanese artist Sashie Masakatsu I can’t help but see distopian Death Stars. It’s like the Star Wars Empire took place not that long ago and it happened nearby Hong Kong’s Kowloon walled city. Here we see conglomerations of high street shops, air conditioning units, vending machines and smoke stacks all rolled into a floating planet of urban detritus. Below the colorful orbs, scrap heaps of grey urban rubble is strewn about the often burning landscape. Is this the origin of the floating worlds we are witnessing?

Sashie Masakatsu, born in 1974, graduated from Kanazawa College of Art in 2000 with an MFA. Since then he has been creating artworks in a similar vein, slowly refining his craft until these crisp and clean paintings we see today. You can see more of his work on his website, or catch his upcoming solo show running Oct 19 — Nov 16, 2013 at Jonathan Levine Gallery in New York.

Masakatsu Sashie Floating Spheres 2

Masakatsu Sashie Floating Spheres 3

Masakatsu Sashie Floating Spheres 4

Masakatsu Sashie Floating Spheres 5

Masakatsu Sashie Floating Spheres 6

Masakatsu Sashie Floating Spheres 7

Masakatsu Sashie Floating Spheres 8

Masakatsu Sashie Floating Spheres 9

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