Inception in Real Life? Learn to Control Your Dreams


Most of us have many types of dreams… but few of us realize there’s far more to experience. Some are wild adventures in mysterious lands; some are the frustrating type where we repeatedly try to do something that never seems to work; others are crazy nightmares that startle us awake in a cold sweat; and some are sex dreams that add a little spice to our lives (ooh la la!). But have you ever had a dream that you could control?

Commonly called Lucid Dreaming, this is a kind of dream state where you consciously discover you’re dreaming and decide take the reigns. I’ve been lucky enough to have a few lucid dreams in my time. I’ve had amazing flying dreams where I flew around buildings like some hybrid between Superman and Spiderman, soaring up to walls and then hanging off of them as I looked down on amazed people below. In one mind blowing experience I traveled the universe in a spaceship, blasting past hundreds of detailed galaxies as I marveled at their glowing beauty. Exciting right?


While my lucid dreams have happened by accident, this fascinating infographic details the steps necessary to begin controlling yours more often. It details the stages of sleep that bring about the right conditions for lucid dreaming; ways to condition your mind to better recognize when you enter the dream state; a few of the wild things you can do while controlling your dreams; and even what foods can help boost your chances of going lucid. As Dr Steven LaBerge, a psychophysiologist and leader in the scientific study of lucid dreaming once said: “If you must sleep through a third of your life, why should your sleep through your dreams, too?” For more information on how to lucid dream see The Lucidity Institute or the always thought-provoking blog of Steve Pavlina.


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  • Viv

    I Just loved this Post 🙂 – Thank you writer.
    I m beginner in lucid dreaming and this Post helped me a lot.

  • daniel

    happen to many times to have lucid dreams an to control (not the dream but my action) it and to carry on the same dream for many nights but this was until age of 18/19 when i stop to have any type of dream (only 1 or 2 in a year) ,i never had a nightmare because i was able to control or realize that i dream .same dreams (last 1 weak ago) happen to be real and to be mor precise this is what happen>>i dream about a woman whit specific dress and hair (not common here in italy) and after few days i decide to go to bricoman (DY like shop) with no real reason and there i saw her ,same dress and same hair (difrent face) and same type of body ……nothing happen and finish there but i still belive that our brain capacity is much bigger than we use,this is not the only dream which become true for me and i m 100% mentally healthy (i know they all say that but no .im not paranoid)

  • Dave C

    I started doing this as a teenager. Usually it’s in those dreams just as I begin to awaken and I can actually make choices, usually to follow one path or another within the framework of the dream. I guess I’ve been doing it for forty years. Until reading this, I thought everybody did it, though when I’ve suggested to people that they take over their dreams and move them in the direction they want, people tend to just look at me funny.

  • G

    I have these types of dreams but as soon as I realize its a dream, unintentionally I force myself to wake up. After waking up I feel I could have gone a little longer. Also, when I wake up mostly I am in an uncomfortable position. Either neck is bent in a wrong way to block my breathing or I wake up lying on my stomach which again makes breathing difficult. Something to do with oxygen intake I guess.

  • smokie

    hey daniel the same thing had happened with me twice i still dont understand how it is be possible. . .in one of my dream i saw my dad coming upstairs to my room he was wearing brown trousers and a blue and white check shirt and after he enters my room he gives me 1500 bucks(thats wat i saw in my dream). The next morning he came to my room until then i did not notice clothes he was wearing and he gave me some money which i started counting 1,2,3,4. . . .till 12 and stopped in the middle and thought could it be for real is it going to end on 15 and then i started to count again and they were 1500 bucks as i saw in ma dream and then when i noticed his clothes they were also the same. . .And this incident left me puzzled i still couldn’t figure out how could it be possible. . .and i am sure it wasn’t a deja vu. . .Please shed some light on the incident. . .

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