Father Photoshops his Daughter into Impossible Scenes

Emil Nystrom Impossible Daughter Portraits 6

Kids can be both a blessing and a burden… and when it comes to these impossible images, those facts are taken to the extreme. Up and coming photographer Emil Nystrom has only been working in the field for about a year… but you wouldn’t know it from these brilliant Photoshopped compositions featuring his lovely baby daughter. On the helpful side, we see her climbing under the hood to fix the car and lending a hand painting the walls of the house. Probably less helpful, she also seems to love doing cannon balls into the bathtub and hitching rides behind airplanes. Trouble!

The Umeå, Sweden-based Nystrom uses deceptively simple methods for creating the adorable images of his daughter, in most cases simply getting an assistant (like mom) to hold her up for the shot. That’s because at the time of these photographs she hadn’t even learned to stand on her own. Nystrom then erases the supporting arms in the shot and ads other elements. The final images are admirable, and have garnered him attention, like an editors choice from 500px, photos featured in Practical Photoshop magazine and on Hasselblad’s website. Not bad for one year’s worth of work!

These pictures are part of Nystrom’s personal work, but it’s just one aspect of his many photography pursuits; from commercial, to portraiture, wedding and conceptual photography. You can see more examples at his website emilmedia.se or the latest at his blog. Read a great interview with him over at phlearn.com.

Emil Nystrom Impossible Daughter Portraits 3

Emil Nystrom Impossible Daughter Portraits 4

Emil Nystrom Impossible Daughter Portraits 7

Emil Nystrom Impossible Daughter Portraits 2

Emil Nystrom Impossible Daughter Portraits 5

Emil Nystrom Impossible Daughter Portraits 1

Emil Nystrom Impossible Daughter Portraits 8

Via: 123inspiration & phlearn

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  1. Wow, such awesome fun!!! Very inspiring!!! You are quite talented!

  2. Sasha Orrsays:

    This is tremendous. Congrats Emil Nystrom.

  3. Very well done indeed. My favorite is the birthday celebration that one is quite funny!

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