Abstract Arrangements of Everyday Objects

Nick Albertson- 1 -masking tape

Through the proper lens, beauty can be found in the most mundane objects. Photographer Nick Albertson proves this as he arranges mass-produced objects from our every day lives, such as toilet paper, masking tape, envelopes, rubber bands, and clothes hangers, to create unique patterns and photographs them to look like abstract designs. While some of the objects are easier to distinguish than others, they all look far more interesting than the objects themselves.

Visual Bits #458 > Let’s Go Geometric With Architecture

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How Would Planets Look if They Replaced the Moon?

Ron Miller Other Planets as the Moon 2

It’s easy to forget that the moon is a real place. We look up at the familiar orb in our sky and see it as a flat, lighted disk with dark grey patches (and a face if we use our imagination). Perhaps it’s the fact that the moon is so small in our sky that we have to wait for a “super moon” to even get excited about it orbiting our planet. Now let’s use our imagination a little: what if the planets of our solar system were in place of the moon? It would be hard to forget Jupiter floating that close – it’s around 11 times the size of Earth!

Dogs Dressing Up Like Their Owners

Dogs-Dressed-as-Their-Owners 1

It’s happened to all of us: walking down the street with their shaggy dog is an equally shaggy owner… maybe the fuzzy duo even had the same hair color. Surprisingly often, dog owners closely resemble their canine companions, and Bern Switzerland-based photographer Sebastian Magnani is showing us just how close. His wacky collection of photoshopped portraits captures dog owners and then splices their dog’s face into their clothes, complete with human hairdos. Some show a hilarious likeness!

Cardboard Electronics With Miniature Worlds Inside

1-Kevin LCK

As we become more reliant on technology, it’s hard to imagine our worlds without it. If we were asked to describe a typical kitchen, most of us would include the appliances like a microwave and refrigerator in our descriptions; for a living room, there would likely be a television, etc. While theoretically technology should make our lives easier and free up more time for us to do what we enjoy, many of us are spending that time glued to screens- whether it be the television, computer, or our trusty smart phones. Illustrator Kevin LCK invites people to think about their relationships with technology in this clever black and white illustration/sculpture series called Ordinary Behavior. Using cardboard and a black sharpie, he illustrates and sculpts electronics, like a camera, television, iPhone, microwave, and computer and then places miniature illustrations of typical household furniture inside to create dollhouse-like rooms.

We Love Friday! – 50 Shades of Red – Summer Sunburn


As the weather warms up this Summer, applying (and re-applying) sunscreen is a must for those of us venturing outdoors. Don’t let a painful sunburn ruin your summer vacation. You can still get that golden tan with sunscreen on and save yourself a lot of suffering. As a reminder to slather your skin with sun protectant, we searched Instagram for this collection of people who probably wish they had. We went for the funniest pics with the strangest tan lines over the gross peeling ones, of which there were plenty. There’s nothing more uncomfortable than radiating with heat from your sunburn- except for when your friends make it worse by smacking your burned back or poking your skin to see the white circle emerge.

Unnerving and Beautiful Illustrations by Eunjung Shin


Stand back and they look like absolutely beautiful scenes, but move closer and the bizarre subject matter takes hold. A gigantic octopus grabs one student from a class full of automaton-like school girls; a forest full of “playing” children are really beating each other to bits; and a girl peers into an unnervingly endless mirror. It’s the stuff dreams are made of, but far more memorable.

Strangely Tasty: Retro Video of Ice Cream (Un)Melting

It’s common knowledge that things get way cooler in slow motion… but what about speeding stuff up in reverse?? That’s what Lullatone, a super happy lo-fi musical duo have done for the video of their latest single. Did we mention ice cream? The retro feast that plays out before our eyes features ice cream “(un)melting” in reverse. A melted banana split grows back into its tasty solid form before our eyes; and a red, white and blue popsicle jumps back onto the stick. It’s all done to the tasty summer tunes of Lullatone set against a grainy vintage film aesthetic.

Fingerboarding: Still Going Strong in Indonesia!



Fingerboarding is the art of using a miniature skateboard replica and maneuvering it with your fingers to perform tricks on mini ramps, rails and pipes. While fingerboarding has been around since the 1970s, it’s only became popular at certain periods. In the country of Indonesia, however, once fingerboarding was introduced it never lost its appeal. Today, there are hundreds of thousands of fingerboarders with competitions happening every week.

Visual Bits #457 > Not Always As It Seems: Abstract

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