Faceted Sculptures in the Urban World

David Mesguich Faceted Sculptures 5

A gigantic face emerges from the pavement, its features faceted into sharp geometric forms, its color various shades of urban gray. With unseeing eyes cast upward towards the sky, it dwarfs passerby like a sleeping modern day giant born of the city. This is the work of Brussels based David Mesguich, an artist who has been working with polypropylene plastic to build impressive sculptural forms. His work blends the aesthetic of street art with that of the digital world, bringing something that appears computer generated to life before us.

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Mesquich’s recent work carries on his past themes of urban commentary. At once his work observes the way the city guides our thinking on existence and expression, and simultaneously on how we navigate our way past being trapped in those modes.

With his latest pieces, which were installed in Paris, we see his forms spray painted with angular shapes in varying grays (sometimes with the help of Valentin Van der Meulen). However the painted details do not align with the 3D angles of the piece as you might expect. Instead they treat the object as if it were smooth, and by following their own pattern, create a highly complex interaction of shapes. You can see more work at

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