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LOTR & The Hobbit in Watercolors & Tea Stains

Friday 05.31.2013 , Posted by

1 the_journey_begins____by_kinko

Second only to A Tale of Two Cities, The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien is the second best selling novel ever written. The popularity of this amazing fairy tale and its predecessor The Hobbit, along with the screen adaptations and action figures has brought about some amazing fan art, like the paintings featured here by deviantARTist Kinko-White. Her watercolor and tea stain paintings capture some of the best characters, bringing the fantasy to life on the paper along side some memorable quotes. See more work by this Estonian self-taught artist on deviantART and Tumblr.

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2 the_journey_begins____by_kinko

3 the_journey_begins____by_kinko

4 the_journey_begins____by_kinko

5 the_journey_begins____by_kinko

6 the_journey_begins____by_kinko

7 the_journey_begins____by_kinko

8 the_journey_begins____by_kinko

9 the_journey_begins____by_kinko

10 the_journey_begins____by_kinko


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  1. this is amazing!

  2. Are you willing to sell any of these or prints?! I would love to have some of this artwork!

  3. Cassie,
    You can try sending the artist a note on deviantART ( to see if she’s selling her work.

  4. Great art!

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