Real VW Beetles Transformed into a Sphere and Cube

Ichwan Noor 1953 VW Beetle 1Ichwan Noor cube VW Beetle 7

The Volkswagen Beetle has one of the most iconic shapes in the automotive world. Its distinct bulbous form has been both admired and mocked since its introduction in the late 1930s… but few would deny the massive success of the little car. Recently Indonesian artist Ichwan Noor arrived at Art Basel Hong Kong with a sculpture that emphasizes the Beetles form to the extreme – a real 1953 Beetle transformed into a perfect sphere.

When you look at the morphed shape of the sculpture, it’s pretty hard to believe this was ever a road worthy car. The amount of metalwork is astounding, seeing the car’s features pushed and pulled to the extent that even small elements like the tail lights don’t protrude from the shape of the sphere.

This isn’t the only time Noor has re-imagined the shape of the Beetle. He also created the antithesis of the car’s shape in 2011 when he made one into a perfectly angular cube. The boxy form is so different from the actual car that it’s difficult to realize it’s a Beetle at all… only when the curving lines of the engine compartment or trunk become obvious do we see the curving origins of the sculptures material. The piece was voted “favorite artwork” at the Indonesia Art & Motoring Exhibition. Be sure to check out the video of the car’s un-boxing at the bottom of this article and more of Noor’s strange sculptural works, including his anatomically based forms, here.

Ichwan Noor 1953 VW Beetle 2

Ichwan Noor 1953 VW Beetle 3

Ichwan Noor 1953 VW Beetle 4

Ichwan Noor 1953 VW Beetle 5_5

Ichwan Noor cube VW Beetle 6

Ichwan Noor cube VW Beetle 8

Ichwan Noor cube VW Beetle 9

Ichwan Noor cube VW Beetle 10

Ichwan Noor cube VW Beetle 11

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  1. Bryan

    WRONG! The abuse of this lovely car is about the stupidest idea a soi-disant “artist” has ever come up with. If this schlockmeister wishes to turn a car into a pile of scrap metal, use one of the “new” Beetles. Those cars have no history, no legacy, no meaning, and no value. Do not abuse a wonderful old VW Beetle.

  2. Willard

    Bryan have you considered the ratio of automobiles to toilets on our planet. Many of those cars saw the same fate, with considerably less appreciation to such a historical gem. Print a picture, on once O producing matter, remember the scrap yard. Keep up the inspiring work wing-suit!

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