How Does the Act of Writing Affect Your Brain?


Each day we write things down – maybe a grocery list, something memorable in a journal or if we’re feeling really creative, even a story. But, how often do we consider the effects and benefits the process of writing has on our brains? This infographic looks at the many ways writing influences positive change for the brain, from helping us remember things more accurately, to influencing a focused, meditative state in the mind.

The graphic also details a number of items related to writings influence on the readers brain. It looks at the advantages of storytelling over bullet points for memory retention, noting the powerful influence stories can have over readers. It is a form of communication that can “ plant emotions, thoughts, and ideas into the brain of the listener,” something far more powerful than simply giving brief points for interpretation. On the other hand, inserting clichés in writing can massively undermine its impact on readers brains. Studies have shown that our brains, familiar with the tired use of the phrases, no longer interpret the words with the sensory response they were originally intended to evoke.

So look over this infographic and then pick up a pen or keyboard – soon you’ll be more literate, focusing more clearly and retaining more of daily life. It’s a mental exercise far more rewarding than most realize.


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Benjamin Starr

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  1. So many things to love about your post! One I would add is the importance of good nutrition. Our culture has done such a poor job in the kinds of food offered that are fatty and the attitudes about fat that I think society is suffering on a whole from it. I read enough to understand the importance of the good ones and raised my kids eating them and have emotionally balanced, straight-A kids, and now one of them has gotten through two years at MIT. You have a new follower…muskrats do it to me, every time :–)

  2. Hey Benjamin, Nice write up! I think writing is good for people but most folks are too lazy to stick with anything for more than 30 seconds these days. Writing takes practice and perseverance but pays off in the way you communicate and speak too. I really like the pics and illustrations you used to point this out.

    Awesome stuff,

    Take care, Zulma O

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