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Bright Neo-Futuristic Avatars for The New Flickr

Wednesday 05.22.2013 , Posted by

1 Flickr Avatars

With Yahoo! on a roll with their recent acquisition of Tumblr, a re-vamping of Flickr was in order and aside from the new free Terabyte of photo storing space (537,731 6.5 megapixel photos) and app with filters, the whole site got a makeover. The new UI is awesome and to go along with the new design, they hired the super talented, award winning, Greek designer Charis Tsevis to create their new avatars. His unique style which he calls Neo-futurism or Neo-cubism features vibrant color palettes and perfectly layered geometric shapes. He credits his style to studying under teachers Nino Di Salvarore, Carlo Nangeroni, Augusto Garau who introduced him to Gestalt psychology and to the love of pure form and color.

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What’s his secret in creating these forms? Tsevis explains:

The most common question I receive is “how do you it?”. I always include a line mentioning all software used in my work. But many people believe that there is some hidden magic software wand that has created these shapes. Sorry guys! No magic wand of any kind. Just many hours of work trying to choose the best forms. And of course many years of studies on Gestalt, Design and Color theory.

Check out the whole Flickr avatar collection as well as steps showing the making of the set on Behance. You can see more of Tsevis’ distinctive style on his website and follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and of course, Flickr.

2 Flickr Avatars

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  1. The new avatars are quite ok but totally antagonistic to the cool pristine user interface that used to distinguish Flickr.

    Unfortunately the new UI, despised by a huge number of Flickr users (as shown by the 20,000 negative comments on Flickr’s own blog) completely destroys that calm serious approach and replaces it with a loud noisy and totally dysfunctional mess.

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