Drawing In Circles: Ballpoint Pen Pointillism


With a lot of talent and even more patience, UK based illustrator Jacob Everett has a unique style for creating large scale portraits. The 22 year old artist overlaps thousands of ballpoint ink ellipses, building up more or less to re-produce the contours of each subject’s face. Up close, the pictures look pixelated, but from afar they look like a photograph. He explains:

I am interested in the contrast between the minute, repetitive mark-making and the highly personal image that is created. The process is similar to mass production. I work from photographs, concentrating on one section of the face at a time. Over several shifts spent in this way, the work culminates in a finished product which is, paradoxically, an authentic and personal portrait.

Using a ballpoint pen (biro) on paper or- more recently- a map, Everett has reproduced portraits of Jay Z, Notorious B.I.G., David Grohl, Larry David, and many other famous faces, but he also has a beautiful series of unknown faces from a homeless shelter in Bradford called A Ragged Road. See more of his work on his website, twitter and Facebook. Check out the video below to see the making of one of Everett’s portraits.











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