Playful Pencil Shaving Portraits

1 Kyle Bean pencil shavings

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure! For this series, illustrator Kyle Bean sat down to create a portrait, but once he sharpened his pencil, he put it down, using only the shavings to create facial details. He arranged colored pencil shavings in a precise way to create depth and texture to re-create the faces of contributors to Wallpaper’s ‘Handmade issue’. The UK based designer is known to re-appropriate everyday materials for his art, having created a chicken out of eggshells which he titled What Came first?

Bean’s works are always playful and imaginative and has been featured in a range of art and design publications. He also had the opportunity to exhibit his works at the Art Directors Club and International Design Biennial. Check out more of his whimsical creations on his website.

2 Kyle Bean pencil shavings

3 Kyle Bean pencil shavings

4 Kyle Bean pencil shavings

5 Kyle Bean pencil shavings

6 Kyle Bean pencil shavings

7 Kyle Bean pencil shavings


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