Stunningly Designed Stellar Maps of Our Night Sky

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For anyone who wants to see their place in the universe, there is hardly a better way to get perspective than taking a look at the stars. With head lofted towards the sky we see a multitude of worlds so distant that the light originated eons before our birth. These star maps from Stellavie Design Manufaktur are perhaps the most lovely we’ve seen, providing us with both attractive detailing and meaningful content… the perfect inspiration for becoming more familiar with our night sky.

The two designs feature a circular view of the sky, surrounded by the months of the year and the heading where the stars can be witnessed. Shown in a cloud of angled lines is the visible portion of our universe, the Milky Way. Suspended inside that space are many of the ancient constellations. In this way the map is both a look at the present and the past, showing us our story as a human race and simultaneously the sky as it appears today.

The prints are made by Stellavie Design Manufaktur, an intentionally small design studio comprised of Steffen Heidemann and Viktoria Klein, based in Hamburg Germany. For this limited edition series of prints, they offer versions for the northern and southern hemispheres, hand silkscreen printed in 4 color options on Gmund Color System, 200g/m2 premium paper stock. Each measures 50cm x 70cm (approx. 20 inch by 27.5 inch). For more information see or follow the studio on Behance and Facebook.

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