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Sliced Down the Middle: Conceptual Food Art

Sunday 05.12.2013 , Posted by

Galton & Omnes 1

If you love food, then this new project by photographer Beth Galton and food stylist Charlotte Omnes will certainly make your mouth water. The two provide a peek at food in a way that defies gravity- slicing it right down the middle in whatever container it’s normally found in. They got the idea for the series after a commissioned job that had them cutting a burrito in half for a photo shoot. Slicing styrofoam containers of iced coffee and ramen noodles, soup cans, and cartons of ice cream, they give us an inside peek that would be very hard to replicate.


Check out more of Beth Galton’s photography on her website and Facebook. See more from Charlotte Omnes on her website- she has been a food stylist for 10 years- sound like a fun job!

Galton & Omnes 2

Galton & Omnes 3

Galton & Omnes 4

Galton & Omnes 5

Galton & Omnes 7

Galton & Omnes 8

Galton & Omnes 6

Via: DesignYouTrust

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