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Intricate Paper Cutouts by Hand on Rice Paper

Friday 05.03.2013 , Posted by

Bovey Lee 7

I am in complete awe of these delicate paper cutouts by Philly-based artist Bovey Lee. With the steadiness of a surgeon, she carves unbelievably detailed designs, patterns, and storyscapes into rice paper then backs them with silk- no laser cutters necessary! Although it looks like she has spent a lifetime mastering this technique, Lee has only been doing it since 2005. Her steady hand could be attributed to the Chinese calligraphy she practiced from the age of ten, growing up in Hong Kong. Lee’s imaginative designs blend fantasy with reality and her delicate execution is remarkable.


Bovey Lee first came to the US in 1993 as a painter and earned a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of California at Berkeley. As if one Master’s degree weren’t enough, she went on to get a second MFA in computer graphics and interactive media at Pratt Institute in New York. Her work has been shown all over the world- see more of it on her website.

Bovey Lee 2

Bovey Lee 3

Bovey Lee 4

Bovey Lee 5

Bovey Lee 6

Bovey Lee 1

Bovey Lee 8

Bovey Lee 9

Bovey Lee 10

Bovey Lee 11

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