Nick Pedersen Migration 2

Wild Animals Call the Urban Jungle Their Home

We covered Nick Pedersen before when he created a wildly verdant, jungle-like vision of the post-apocalyptic future. In those scenes, wild men eked out their existence in cities long ago abandoned by their massive populations – now overgrown by plant life, they were suitable even for hunting. The Philadelphia based artist has now turned his talents toward creating a vision of our current time, yet still with his focus on themes of ecology and the preservation of the environment.


This time we see black and white landscape collages, filled with the signs of human sprawl and waste: telephone poles, lamp posts, garbage piles and dumps. Here animals roam the bleak habitat they are attempting to call home: eagles perch on wireless towers, cougars lounge on graffiti covered park benches, and wolves howl from a mountainous pile of broken televisions. Called Migration, the series has a clear message, one that addresses our need to pay increasing attention to the “issues of urban sprawl and deforestation that are destroying wild spaces and displacing animals from their natural habitats.” You can see more in the series, and explore his other ecologically themed work on Behance or at

Nick Pedersen Migration 3

Nick Pedersen Migration 4

Nick Pedersen Migration 5

Nick Pedersen Migration 6

Nick Pedersen Migration 7

Nick Pedersen Migration 8

Nick Pedersen Migration 9

Nick Pedersen Migration 10

Nick Pedersen Migration 1

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