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Holographic Sculptures- A Family of Light Beings

Tuesday 04.30.2013 , Posted by

Roseline de Thélin 1

Inspired by astronomy, quantum physics, scientific theories, and the expansion of consciousness, Roseline de Thélin has been creating art with light for over 15 years. She uses scientific properties of light such as reflection, refraction, conduction, transparency, and refraction to create unique sculptures and installations. This series, called “The Homos Luminosos”, features a family of light beings that represent life, illusion, and mankind’s evolution. She came up with an original technique for using fiber optics, creating large light pieces by edging the fibers. The holographic images seem like they are straight out of a science fiction movie.


Based in Ibiza, Spain, Roseline de Thélin is also a Gestalt art therapist and leads creative workshops to help people express themselves and release their troubles in a positive way. See more of her incredible, luminous works on her website and watch the video below to see what one of her sculptures looks like from various angles.

Roseline de Thélin 2

Visitors Enjoy Exhibits At The Kinetica Art Fair

Roseline de Thélin 4

Roseline de Thélin 5

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