Sairah Ali Paints Animals and Colorful Geometry

Sairah Ali Paintings 3

With stark contrasts of organic and geometric form, Sairah Ali paints a world of colorful animals. Each of her paintings features a central animal figure – realistically rendered – while the background pops into bold multicolored pattern. Although not organic in form, the backgrounds are hued to inspire visions of nature: fields, the sky or the jungle. In this way, what could be two clashing elements form a beautiful and inspired whole. Ali talks about her process:

“I am a painter at heart and i have always enjoyed the creative process of drawing and experimenting with colour. I draw on canvas using acrylics, i simply enjoy working with this medium. I am pleased with what i can accomplish, wash after wash and reworking the surface until i achieve the colours i vision or see from life. I use vibrant colours and tone to enhance lightness and darkness so that there be a balance.”

After completing a BA in fine art in London, she became a portrait painter before landing on her bold current style. She now splits her time between working as a freelance artist and art tutor. You can learn more about her work at

(Above: Silence)

The Longest Gaze
Sairah Ali Paintings 1

Poppy Field
Sairah Ali Paintings 2

Rain Dance
Sairah Ali Paintings 4

The Grey Falcon
Sairah Ali Paintings 5

Spirit of the horse
Sairah Ali Paintings 6

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