Rugs Become Tactile Grasslands

Alexandra Kehayoglou Rug Art 3

Kids are great explorers of the world around them, always looking closely at things we adults forget to appreciate. Given the right context, however, we can remember the wonder of childhood and explore things anew. Imagine a world where the spirit of nature comes indoors: grasslands begging to be explored by touch with your feet and hands. That is the experiential work that Argentinian artist Alexandra Kehayoglou is creating using hand woven wool rugs as her medium. Her work, which could be called rug or tapestry art, sees patchy natural-looking fields come indoors.

Kehayoglou’s woven creations take a number of forms. Some hang on walls like shaggy images representing scenes in nature; others rest on the floor creating a verdant field indoors. Perhaps her most intriguing examples are those which mix both, making a curved transition from floor to wall, terrain to scenery.

When placed in a home, Kehayoglou’s pieces become not only art, but a funky centerpiece that one can’t help but explore. You can see more examples of her work at

Alexandra Kehayoglou Rug Art 2

Alexandra Kehayoglou Rug Art 7

Alexandra Kehayoglou’s piece employed for a modeling shoot
Alexandra Kehayoglou Rug Art 1

Alexandra Kehayoglou Rug Art 4

Alexandra Kehayoglou Rug Art 5

Alexandra Kehayoglou Rug Art 6

Alexandra Kehayoglou Rug Art 9

Alexandra Kehayoglou Rug Art 10

Alexandra Kehayoglou Rug Art 11

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