Flamboyant Mixed Media Paintings by Archan Nair

Archan nair art 1

Archan Nair is a New Delhi based visual artist, illustrator and Art Director who specializes in mixed media, illustration, and digital art. Before becoming a full time artist, he was involved with fashion and various entrepreneurial ventures, themes which find themselves woven through his dynamic pieces. He began painting in 2006 as a 24 year old and today mixes both digital media and physical paint into his work.

Archan has gained significant popularity since his decision to commit to visual art. His client list is growing and has already included companies such as Nike, Rolling Stone, Microsoft, GQ and Vogue. His work was also featured on Kanye West’s website. Archans story is one of a person who decided to follow their art. Regarding his advice to aspiring illustrators, he says to DesiCreative:

“I feel being original and discovering your own true essence is truly important. Love what you create. Imagination is the only knowledge and when we listen to our heart, we have access to that knowledge. When we do that, everything falls into place. It’s not about how well it pays or not. It’s about you loving what you do and expressing yourself.”

Learn more about Archans work at his website, facebook and twitter.

Archan nair art 2

Archan nair art 3

Archan nair art 4

Archan nair art 5

Archan nair art 6

Archan nair art 7

Archan nair art 8

Archan nair art 9

Archan nair art 10

Archan nair art 11

Archan nair art 12

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