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Unique Wine Labels From Around the World

Tuesday 04.16.2013 , Posted by


Whether you’re a sommelier or a college student drinking boxed wine straight from the bag, you will love this collection of stand-out wine labels. Packaging design can make a huge difference when you’re competing with hundreds of other brands on the liquor store shelf. Most of my decisions in the wine aisle do come down to my favorite bottle design in a reasonable price range and I would love to try all of these. The Coolist recently posted 30 of the most impressive wine bottle designs out there along with the interesting back stories behind each one. Below is a small sample of my favorites from their list.

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Above is Australian Boarding Pass Shiraz, with luggage tags around the neck, an airline ticket label, and instructions like the oxygen mask diagrams in your seat back pocket that explain how to drink it! Below is a bottle by Lazarus that is written in Braille, fill in the blank labels for why you’re drinking by B Frank Wine, Rorschach Ink Blots by Inkwell, and unique tin containers by Mini Garage Winery, among others. Perhaps the best story of all goes to USB Port Wine who got to call their wine “port”, although it’s not from Portugal with this tricky play on words! To see more distinctive designs along with the full stories behind these, check out The Coolist.











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  1. Very nice collector labels
    You guys missed the beautifull tin label from the dutch Impress-it:

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