Couple Stops Paying Rent by Building Tiny Home

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A young couple from the States decided they were tired of paying rent and mortgages. Their solution? Build a tiny house on a truck trailer! Shane and Carrie Caverly both had building and design experience so they put their minds together and built their 144 sq ft house on a gooseneck trailer. They’ve also created a company called Clothesline Tiny Homes for anybody who is interested in doing the same.

The house is designed to hold two occupants and includes a bedroom, one big room that serves as a kitchen and living room and a galley bathroom. The tiny, mobile house employs white painted drywall for its interior, cell poly-iso foam for insulation, a steel roof with gray water collection tank, an incinerating toilet, and an on-demand hot water heater. All the necessities of home. Currently they are posted up on 5 acres of beautiful land in New Mexico. To learn more about Clothesline Tiny Homes, check out their website.

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