One Word Art Installations by Laura Kimpton

Love Dance

Laura Kimpton is an artist based out of Northern California who is most well recognized for her large one word art installations. She has had many experiences that have shaped who she is as an artist including her identity as a dyslexic and a right brained individual. Before creating her one word installations, she was an art teacher for 15 years, obtained a masters in Counseling Pyschology and created a lot of fire based art. In her interview with Ignite.Me she tells about the inspiration behind her artistic focus now.


“I thought I had to come up with a simpler concept. It suddenly dawned on me that I’d never seen a large word in a museum or gallery. I thought it would be really funny for a dyslexic to be known for large words. It would bring up conversations. My first word was MOM and MOM backwards. So I put up MOM, then I used the bird cutouts as a way to light it…I realized that the birds represented my dad and his right brain. My mother is definitely a left-brain word person. So in reality, it was for both my parents.”

In her works, Laura has designed words such as LOVE, EGO, OINK and MOM. They are set up at Burning Man each year and for this year’s gathering, she is planning to do the word BELIEVE. Her LOVE installation was the most well received design yet, inspiring many people to get married in front of the art piece. Laura goes on to talk about how the new word isn’t just limited to “BELIEVE:”

“The greatest thing about the word ‘believe’ is that this year each letter has it’s own computer lighting. We can spell a whole bunch of words. We can spell ‘be’; we can spell ‘lie’; we can spell ‘live’; we can spell ‘believe’ with a lot of different colors. We can put up three ‘e’s. Every night it will be a different word or a different combination of words. I can even do ‘love’. It’s ‘eve’ and I can make the ‘e’ look like an ‘o’.”

Lauras works have been installed at wineries, wedding locations and most recently on a riverbank in Shanghai, China. Keep updated on her works and movements through her website. Read the full interview Laura had with Ignite.Me here.

Laura Kimpton 2

Laura Kimpton 4

Laura Kimpton 5

Burning Man 2011 - Rites of Passage

Laura Kimpton 6

Laura Kimpton 7

Laura Kimpton 8

Laura Kimpton 10

Image credits: Laura Kimpton and Scott London

Via Ignite.Me

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