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Step Back in Time with These Fashionable Illustrations

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In my last article I mentioned “artistic tributes” to the show Mad Men. Well, although these illustrations aren’t specifically based on that series, many of the fantastically drawn examples from London based Jack Hughes certainly harken back to that mid-century appeal. Over bold background gradients and two-tone blocks of color, Hughes illustrates fashionable people from bygone eras: from the flapper craze of the 20s, right up to hip 70s kids sporting Native American threads.


Hughes’ images make the past look seriously stylish while bringing it into the modern era. Many of the illustrations look positively retro, until you notice a subtly placed mobile phone or a ‘feminist’ clothing tag on their person.

Hughes is now freelancing with illustration agency YCN after receiving a degree from Wimbledon College of Art and Kingston University. At his London based degree show he was scouted by his current employer and has been with them ever since, doing work for Wired, Harrods, The New York Times and more. You can see more of his classy illustrations on his website, jack-hughes.com.

Jack Hughes illustrations 4

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