Mad Men or Mod Men? Comparing the Show to Now

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It’s only a matter of 26 episodes before the phenomenon that is Mad Men ends… so it’s only appropriate to reflect a bit on how the show has effected our culture. Because of the gorgeously styled and expertly acted mid-century series, we’ve seen endless artistic tributes, design influences, and throwback fashions. The 21st century has a serious love affair with the 60s, and since we’re currently so enamored with that era, the cool folks at Shutterstock recently asked just what the 21 st century version of the long running show would look like. Their resulting images are entertaining and even a bit revealing.

Each dual-pane image features a very Mad Men item on the left, matched up with its modern day equivalent on the right. As popular as the heavy smoking, heavy drinking, heavy briefcase carrying show is now, our modern era has supplanted much of yesterdays office activities with new (and sometimes improved) versions. Instead of a high-ball, we’re now drinking fruit smoothies; instead of smoking, we’re putting on some tunes and getting physical. In many ways this clever series gets it spot on.

What do you think… in 2063 will we be looking back at this era, watching a show called Mod Men, and laughing at the hassle of cloud computing? See the stock imagery used to create these fine societal critiques at the Shutterstock blog.

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