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Evolution of Type: Fossilized Typography

Tuesday 04.02.2013 , Posted by

Evolution of Type- 1

Remember making “fossils” in Science class? Austrian designer Andreas Scheiger takes that old lab up a notch with this fantastic series of typography. Inspired by the 1918 book, The Alphabet and Elements of Lettering by Frederic W. Goudy which explains how language went from sounds to recognizable symbols and letters, Scheiger started a project called Evolution of Type. In this unique typography, he combines lettering with anatomy and paleontology to show an imaginary biological evolution, with “preserved” letters in amber, muscles and bones composing a segment of a letter sculpture, and now fossilized letters using plasticine, chicken bones, wood, water colors and gypsum.


The letters look gorgeous and the way Scheiger photographs them surrounded by rocks with a little brush and measuring tape, like a geologic dig site, makes my geek heart melt. Learn more about Scheiger’s process on his blog, then check out more of his evolutionary type designs on Behance and Flickr.

Evolution of Type- 2

Evolution of Type- 3

Evolution of Type- 4

Evolution of Type- 5

Evolution of Type- 6

Evolution of Type- 7

Evolution of Type- 8

Evolution of Type- 9

Evolution of Type- 10

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