Beautiful Microscopic Photography of the Elements

elements-photography-periodic table 1

Photographer R. Tanaka of Japan enjoys taking photos of landscapes, cats and elements from the periodic table. Through his lens and eye he captures the mystery of each element he photographs. Photos of Bismuth, Osmium and Thallum are just a few of the many elements he focuses on.

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As an executive head of microphoto-studio Cat’s Glove, Tanaka focuses on a myriad of forms including photomacrography, macrophotography and photomicroscopy. He also engages in science photography, mineral and crystals photography. While his breadth of work is vast (if that word can be applied to such small work), his primary area of work is focused chiefly in organic-metallic chemistry and crystallography. Check out more of his work on his flickr or website.

(Bismuth above)

Platinum Crystals


elements-photography-periodic table 5

Monoclinic Sulfur
elements-photography-periodic table 6

elements-photography-periodic table 7

Electrolytic Nickel
elements-photography-periodic table 8

elements-photography-periodic table 9

Vanadium Oxidized
elements-photography-periodic table 10

Gold and Sphalerite
elements-photography-periodic table 11

Muonionalusta Meteorite
elements-photography-periodic table 12

Shawn Saleme

Shawn Saleme

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