A Peek Into the Control Room of Space Shuttles


Although many of us have fantasized about becoming an astronaut when we “grow up”, making rocket ships out of cardboard refrigerator boxes, very few people actually went through with it. But lucky for us common folk, photographer Ben Cooper gives us all a chance to relive our space fantasies. Cooper brings us an insider look at the Flight Decks of the Endeavour, Discovery, and Atlantis space shuttles. The fact that there are people who actually know how to operate all of these switches is pretty phenomenal. With this set, I see many photoshop opportunities for all of the digital artists out there. Larger versions of each picture are available for viewing or for sale on launchphotography.com. A poster size print would be the perfect addition to that refrigerator box space shuttle your nephew is building.








Via: collater.al

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  1. Bigfish

    I think the hardest part would be floating around in 0 gravity trying without accidentally bumping into one of those buttons.
    Also those plastic joysticks don’t look like they belong on a real spacecraft. Maybe this is a simulator some rich Trekkie fan built.

  2. Jesus Galileo

    Wow!! These pictures are so cool. So much detail!

    But hey…wait a second.

    What happens if the astronauts accidentally lose control of their trajectory and rams into a wall. Wouldn’t they inadvertently careen into some random buttons or switches?

    This looks awfully precarious. Sorta like some cartoon version of a shuttle cockpit. C’mon NASA. Get with the picture. My kid could make a more logical cockpit with legos

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