The Extraterrestrial World of Whiskey Art


 American photographer Ernie Button has a unique way of looking at the dishes. One night when he was putting the dishes into the dishwasher, he noticed there was a film on the bottom of a whiskey glass that caused, “fine, lacy lines” to cover it with intricate detail. These lines also created a vast array of different extraterrestrial landscapes. Each with its own cosmic makeup. This discovery led him to start a unique project entitled Vanishing Spirits, which entails Ernie drinking different types of whiskey, and then photographing the bottom of the glass once the whiskey has evaporated – to create the extraterrestrial world of whiskey art.

Ernie noticed that after each glass evaporated, different whiskeys left their own unique signature on the bottom of the glass. Some glasses look like the gaseous hues of far away planets, like Neptune. Others like Martian landscapes, with the sun shining over the horizon. To manipulate certain terrains and bring them to life, Ernie used different colored lights.

“Some of the images reference the celestial, as if the image was taken of space; something that the Hubble telescope may have taken or an image taken from space looking down on Earth. The circular image references a drinking glass, typically circular, and what the consumer might see if they were to look at the bottom of the glass after the scotch has dried.” 

The photographs are so visually appealing because they truly look like they could have been taken from space. Although planets like this don’t live in our part of the galaxy, they could exist in a neighboring solar system. We just haven’t been able to discover them yet.

Enjoy all of the photographs, and remember: Space is the place to be, especially while enjoying a nice glass of whiskey. 












via: Double Neat

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  1. jerome

    I salute you sir. Finding a way to turn whiskey-drinking into lucrative art. Sublime friggin genius. Wish I had a brain like yours. I never had one good idea like that – if I fell into a vat of tits I’d come out holding a cock.

  2. Jason Stone

    He should try and look at a glass which had a drink made with my whiskey still. I wonder what he would see (if he would see anything, that is, haha). But, anyways, congrats on the pics, they look absolutely great!

  3. John Maniccia

    This was really creative, but a I would love to have know which whisky produced each image. Which one is planet “Beam”? Which one is the “Maker’s” nebula?

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