Finding Humans In Nature: Surreal Cerebral Trees

Igor Morski 1

In a stunning series of digital illustrations called Nature, Igor Morski takes your imagination on a journey that reveals hidden human figures in “natural” settings. The Polish graphic designer creates a human facial profile shaped slice through the flora of various biomes to reveal a single tree resembling the brain with the trunk acting as the brain stem. The vibrant pictures conjure up thoughts of the inter-connectedness of humans with all forms of life on Earth. In other images, Morski creates feminine faces from branches and foliage, perhaps to represent Mother Nature or the essence of nature’s femininity. See more of Morski’s innovative illustrations on his website Behance.


Igor Morski 2


Igor Morski 3

Igor Morski 4

Igor Morski 5

Igor Morski 6

Igor Morski 7

Igor Morski 8

Igor Morski 9

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