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If you have an idea for a startup, you’re an investor, or you’re a journalist looking for information on anything Web 2.0, this is visual research gold: you can now explore CrunchBase visually to find hidden investment connections. CrunchBase, the wiki-style database of Web 2.0 people, investors, and companies that include lists of their key employees – or key events in their business – is a go-to resource for many people doing research in the online investment world. Now, the company Wikisway is giving us the option of exploring the CrunchBase network visually, opening up a whole world of information previously hidden in the text.

To display the useful information the Wikisway visualisation uses a node-based chart populated by the individual, investor or business you’re researching. You can see people, financial organisations, and other companies. In the case of the very well connected Marissa Mayer, we initially see both the company she works for, Yahoo!, and institutions she has invested in, like uBeam and Google.

This is where it gets cool. Curious to see who else invested in uBeam? By double clicking that node we are given a new picture, one that now shows that Tony Hsieh, CEO of online shoe purveyor Zappos, also invested in uBeam… and the connections keeps building from there. To keep things clean on the visualisation, you can simply zoom in and out or drag nodes around to free up space in other areas. It’s a simple and quick way to find the kinds of companies investors are interested in. Start exploring at wikisway.com.


Via info.crunchbase

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