A Lifetime of Sculptures Play with Light and Shadow

Diet Wiegman Shadow Sculptures 1

What only look like sculptural piles of rubbish become fascinating studies in light and shadow when illuminated from just the right angle. The work of dutch artist Diet Wiegman, each sculpture is built with a precision at odds with the rough materials from which it is constructed. He uses paper, photos, glass, mirror, cardboard, clay, wood and a host of other ingredients to build just the right forms – forms which subsequently cast shadows of masterworks like Michelangelo’s David or the dancing figure of Michael Jackson.

Often Wiegman’s work takes on the form of quirky symbolism. In one example the shadow of a painters palette, complete with messy paintbrushes and pitcher, form two classical figures on a canvas behind. In another, the reflection off a metal plate and spatula with miniature islands built on top forms the shape of the world continents on the wall behind.

Wiegman has been perfecting his craft ever since he finished his studies in 1965. It’s a style that has been emulated over and again by artists worldwide. See examples of Wiegman’s many years of work here (including the video below of his piece Shadow Dancing), then head to dietwiegman.tumblr.com for more.


Diet Wiegman Shadow Sculptures 3

Diet Wiegman Shadow Sculptures 4

Diet Wiegman Shadow Sculptures 5

Diet Wiegman Shadow Sculptures 6

Diet Wiegman Shadow Sculptures 7

Diet Wiegman Shadow Sculptures 8

Diet Wiegman Shadow Sculptures 9

Diet Wiegman Shadow Sculptures 10

Diet Wiegman Shadow Sculptures 11

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