Paintings Made by Injecting Paint in Bubble Wrap

Bradley Hart Bubble Wrap Paintings 1

Bradley Hart has an obsession with Bubble Wrap… then again, who doesn’t? Those beautiful little bubbles pop so nicely between your fingers or beneath your toes, it might be the perfect stress reliever. Hart, however, has taken this object to entirely new artistic levels. While he originally painted discarded materials and the exterior of bubble wrap creating abstract artworks, his newest pieces see him injecting each bubble with paint. The result is a fantastic analog/digital picture fitting of our modern era.


Hart’s newest works – mostly portraits – are exceptional in the way they use each bubble in the wrap as an individual pixel. Like using colored tiles, he painstakingly injects each with paint to create the final image. We see Steve Jobs, a street scene in Amsterdam and the LCD monitor test image all beautifully reproduced. Each image when complete, becomes shiny bubbles of color. It’s just about the perfect additive process.

In its essence, Hart’s work remixes the elements of our modern era, transforming our mass consumerism into contemporary art, while reinterpreting the pixelated screen upon which we view our time. You can see more examples of his work at or follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

Bradley Hart Bubble Wrap Paintings 2

Bradley Hart Bubble Wrap Paintings 3

Bradley Hart Bubble Wrap Paintings 4

Bradley Hart Bubble Wrap Paintings 5

The artist himself at the recent SCOPE show in New York:
Bradley Hart Bubble Wrap Paintings 6

Via lostateminor

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