An Homage to Picasso Through Photography


Madrid based artist Eugenio Recuenco is known in many circles as a renaissance man. His portfolio is impressive, spanning many fields including film. Inspired by this cinematic approach, his photography has been described as ‘pictorial masterpieces’ rather than just photographic captures. With a style that is both elaborate and detailed, one can clearly see the care he puts into location, lighting and costumes for each image. As a way to pay homage and respect to a fellow Spanish artist, Pablo Piacsso, Recuenco has created a series of photographs using models to emulate poses from some of the Spanish master’s works.


Recuenco has been considered one of Spain’s most important photographers on the international scene. He has shot images for hundreds of clients and publications including Vogue, Yves Saint Lauren and Vanity Fair. He is regarded as having a gift of “Chiaroscuro,” which is using strong contrasts of light and dark in the composition of a piece. Here in his Picasso photographs, he chooses works that span the artists lifetime and include such works as Crouching Woman with Painting, Margot and Girl from Mallorca. To see more of Recuenco’s portfolio, go to his website.








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