Stereoscopic Stitch: Embroidery Based Typography

Aries Wan Stereoscopic Stitch 1

Unless it’s brail, it’s not often you can reach out and touch the type that you’re reading. Graphic designer, Aries Wan recently created an experimental type project which allows us just that. Her work uses traditional hand embroidery to create the alphabet, numbers and a selection of punctuation marks, but manages to still give a nod to old-fashioned four-color printing at the same time. Each of her letters uses two CMYK colors, offset as if by printing error, to create what she calls an “optical 3D effect.”

To present her work, which she calls Stereoscopic Stitch, Wan created a hand-bound book, with a page for each of her hand-designed letters. With the idea of encouraging people to appreciate type for more than simply something “computer-generated,” individuals were given the oportunity to “feel your type” and in a later page, stitch their own type with an included pattern, embroidery floss and needle. It’s an endearing project for any typography lover… one which promotes an appreciation for the craft in the general public. You can see more of Aries Wan’s work, including her thread based poster at

Aries Wan Stereoscopic Stitch 2

Aries Wan Stereoscopic Stitch 3

Aries Wan Stereoscopic Stitch 4

Aries Wan Stereoscopic Stitch 7

Aries Wan Stereoscopic Stitch 8

Aries Wan Stereoscopic Stitch 9

Aries Wan Stereoscopic Stitch 10

Aries Wan Stereoscopic Stitch 11


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