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Cosmic Creatures Formed From NASA’s Space Images

Wednesday 03.13.2013 , Posted by

1 Chris Keegan

Looking up at the sky and forming images from the stars has been going on for just about as long as human life has existed, but that was only what could be seen from the Earth. Digital illustrator Chris Keegan has taken constellations to a whole new level with the use of images from NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory. He steps back from the images and tries to see what kind of creatures he can find, then digitally emphasizes those figures so that everyone can see them. The result is some highly unique creatures made up of celestial elements. In an interview with WIRED Keegan explained, “In one picture you can see thousands of stars and the idea of having a person or a bird taking up that sort of size was quite unusual.”


Keegan is a graduate of Camberwell College of Art, currently living and working in London. He has done commissioned illustrations for a wide range of newspapers and magazines including the Financial Times, Time magazine, the Observer, The Guardian, Time Out, GQ Australia, Mac User and Design Week Magazine. See more of his unique illustrations on his website and Flickr and follow him on Twitter.

2 Chris Keegan

3 Chris Keegan

4 Chris Keegan

5 Chris Keegan

6 Chris Keegan

7 Chris Keegan

8  Chris Keegan


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