Art Gallery at 30,000 Feet: Ben Eine & Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Ben Eine Airline Gallery 7

Words you don’t expect to hear while duty-free shopping in the air: “Could I get that £15,000 painting with my champagne, please?” But, it happened this February for travelers with Virgin Atlantic – specifically in the “Upper-Class” section where they staged the very first aircraft based art gallery. It was called “The Gallery in the Air,” and the artist that graced the skies above us – none other than internationally renowned English street artist Ben Eine, displaying his now iconic typographically based works.

Eine was invited to create work inspired by Virgin and Richard Branson for the aircraft-based gallery, which were subsequently offered at between £2,500 and £15,000. The series comes after a number of fantastically successful years and one very notable media event that brought Eine to global prominence: when British Prime Minister David Cameron presented one of Eine’s pieces to President Obama on the PMs first visit to Washington DC. You can’t get a much higher endorsement than that.

Now UK-based Flow Films and director Abbie Brandon have created an excellent film documenting the creation of the pieces featured at the airborne art event. Endearingly, Eine walks us through his transition from pure street art to the smaller, marketable creations he’s making today. The film conveys both the techniques behind his work and the passionate interest Eine has in the street art movement; one he aptly labels “the biggest art movement ever.” See Eine’s work featured in The Gallery in the Air, below, then head to to learn more.

Virgin Ben Eine Airline Gallery 1

Virgin Ben Eine Airline Gallery 2

Virgin Ben Eine Airline Gallery 3

Virgin Ben Eine Airline Gallery 4

Virgin Ben Eine Airline Gallery 5

Virgin Ben Eine Airline Gallery 6

Via: flowfilms & telegraph

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