Four-Eyed Cats are Creepy… Like Real Cats

Casey Weldon 4 Eyed Cats 3

Without even trying, cats can be really creepy at times. Well actually, maybe they are trying. They run maniacally around the house for seemingly no reason; they hide in boxes for us to find them; and most disconcertingly, they stare at us with those big, glowing, curious eyes. Artist Casey Weldon knows this so he’s lately been creating cat paintings with double the creepiness – cats with four eyes.

Weldon’s unnerving images capture felines in decidedly normal situations – from lounging on a blanket, to begging for food. The four eyes are so seamlessly worked into his paintings that they could almost go un-noticed on a quick glance… but when we see them, it’s something you can’t help but try to decipher. Are these cats alien beings, as some would claim cats are; or is this effect some trick of a painterly camera, double exposing their face twice? Regardless of how we interpret the images, they are both creepy and fascinating… and a fantastic addition to the online cat meme.

Weldon, an illustrator and fine artist living in Brooklyn is perhaps best known for his arrestingly surreal portraits of beautiful women and his nostalgic reworkings of pop-culture icons – from the inner workings of Rainbow Bright to a Wes Anderson film themed tribute to Bill Murray. His artwork is always imaginative and always done with impecable skill. You can follow him on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or just do it the old-fashioned way and explore his personal website at

Casey Weldon 4 Eyed Cats 1

Casey Weldon 4 Eyed Cats 2

Casey Weldon 4 Eyed Cats 4

Casey Weldon 4 Eyed Cats 5

Casey Weldon 4 Eyed Cats 6

Casey Weldon 4 Eyed Cats 7

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