Father takes photos of Daughter posed as classic art


Using his lovely daughter as the model, Melbourne based photographer Bill Gekas recreates some of the classic paintings from famous artists such as Rembrandt, Vermeer and Caravaggio. Bill is a self-taught photographer who took up photographing portraits in 2005 and describes his style as “portraiture with a fine art aesthetics.”

With his series of classic art as photograph, Bill plans scrupulously before his daughter would enter the scene. He says: “The key to executing a shoot like this is to have it all planned before the subject enters the scene, the lighting, props, composition etc. From thought to finished post processed shot ready for display a typical shot can average a total of 8 hours.

With the deep and concentrated looks from his daughter, the preparation and the retouching, Bill’s end result is a wonderful rendition from the Dutch and Italian masters. They probably would smile at the Father’s creativity. To see more of Bill and his daughter’s images, check out his webpage.













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  1. Tommy

    Very inspirational work! Love every one of them. My only questions is, no Mona Lisa? :)

    Was she photographed in studio and dropped into a background? Can’t imagine that each setting was found or created. If they were that’s pretty impressive. If she was dropped in it looks well done.

  2. Deborah Blados

    The photos that you created are absolutely stunning. Have you trout of making greeting cards from them? An excellent way for the world to see your work. She is simply beautiful . Thank you for your God-given talent

  3. Charley Hansen

    Wonderful photos. Great sense of the original paintings from which the poses were drawn. Very photogenic model, too!

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