Curvaceous Typography Created with String and Nails

Corn Studio Petrol String Art 4

We’ve covered work from half of the talent behind Athens based Corn Studio before. Andreas Xenoulis’s reflective Bodoni Girl poster wowed us with its stylish tribute to the classic font. Now we bring you the other half of this multi-talented equation; new work in the form of curvacious string-based typography from Dimos Stathis. He’s created a new sign for handcrafted jewelry and accessory maker, Petrol, using the corporate identity Corn Studio produced for the company. It utilizes 2000 small nails and a lengthy 700 meters of embroidery thread to create a sensuously curving recreation of Parachute Type Foundry’s script font PF Champion Script Pro and a custom butterfly embellishment.

What is really enjoyable about this work is the way it utilizes repeating geometric pattern to create a nearly complete fill of the design; changing the angular forms which make it into one of attractively flowing lines; it could almost be looked at as a geometric cross hatch. Their well produced construction video (below) gives us a time-lapse view of the process, clearly demonstrating the way the string progressively fills in the printed guide beneath. You can see more from Corn Studio and its two talented founders on Behance or soon at (under construction).

Corn Studio Petrol String Art 9

Corn Studio Petrol String Art 1

Corn Studio Petrol String Art 2

Corn Studio Petrol String Art 3

Corn Studio Petrol String Art 5

Corn Studio Petrol String Art 6

Corn Studio Petrol String Art 7

Corn Studio Petrol String Art 8

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