Paper Sculptures “From within a book”


“From within a book row on row a forest of knowledge continues to grow. While brackets and comma’s flourish and bloom, we fear the end begins to loom.” These are the words that can be found on the amazing book sculptures created by Emma Taylor. She carefully picks each book she turns into a work of art. With her careful hand, she brings out the story literally in the form of cut out pages of the book.

Reading spurs a growth in imagination and Emma’s work echoes this truth. Whether it is a dragon and knight, a new baby in a birds nest, or just a boy reading a book under a tree, Emma’s works are done beautifully. She updates her work on her Tumblr titled From within a book, where you can see most of her work and keep updated on her news.
To get photographs of Emma’s work, you can visit her Etsy page.










Shawn Saleme

Shawn Saleme is a contributing writer for Visual News. A 4th generation San Franciscan, Shawn has developed an adventurous spirit that has taken him to over 55 countries. His degree in cultural anthropology shapes his perspective and thirst to socially experiment in a rapidly shifting planet. His work has been featured in the Seattle Times, The Globalist and the Daily Mail. Currently he is writing a book about the shared economy. Connect with him @shawnsaleme.

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