Hand-Painted Russian Nesting Dolls- Star Wars Style

Star Wars Nesting Dolls

If you love collecting Star Wars memorabilia, but are running out of space, then you will love this new collection by Andy Stattmiller. The San Francisco based illustrator/graphic designer has hand-painted these amazing sets of nesting dolls- 8 characters each that fit perfectly inside one another. He has one set for the good guys, and one for the dark side. The largest figures, Chewie and Darth Vader, are 8″ tall and the smallest, R2D2 and Jawa, are just 0.75″ tall. Stattmiller chose to use only characters from Episode IV A New Hope.


Aside from Star Wars, he has also created nesting dolls for The Simpsons and Ghostbusters. Check out more of his work on his website, Behance, and Flickr. May the force be with you!

Star Wars Nesting Dolls







Via: twentytwowords.com and laughingsquid.com

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