Abstract in Motion: Mind Bending Gif Animations

Paolo Čerić Warped Gifs 12

These gif animations by Zagreb based Paolo Čerić are just sexy. He combines a triple threat of techniques – Processing, Cinema 4D and After Effects – to create everything from geometry in motion to glitch art. Currently studying information processing at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Croatia, he tells Christopher Jobson at This Is Colossal that he only started experimenting with animation 2 years ago. How far he’s come.

Čerić’s work pulses mesmerizingly, often repeating motions with an almost organic fluidity. His style ranges far and wide; from taurus’ covered in moving dots to pixelated screen captures overlaid with equally pixelated geometric structures. He publishes his work on his own blog where he also shares some of his favorite places to learn more about these creative techniques. Find more at

Paolo Čerić Warped Gifs 4

Paolo Čerić Warped Gifs 2

Paolo Čerić Warped Gifs 3

Paolo Čerić Warped Gifs 5

Paolo Čerić Warped Gifs 1

Paolo Čerić Warped Gifs 6

Paolo Čerić Warped Gifs 7

Paolo Čerić Warped Gifs 8

Paolo Čerić Warped Gifs 9

Paolo Čerić Warped Gifs 10

Paolo Čerić Warped Gifs 11

Paolo Čerić Warped Gifs 13

Benjamin Starr

Benjamin Starr

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