Man Follows Girlfriend All Around the World

1-Murad Osmann

What started as a photographer trying to capture as much as he could while traveling while his girlfriend pulled him along has now become an internet sensation. Russian producer Murad Osmann and his gorgeous girlfriend, Natalia Zakharova, have been traveling the world together for quite some time. Beginning in Barcelona in September of 2011, Osmann started labeling his Instagram photos pictures “Follow me” where he takes beautiful pictures of his girlfriend pulling his arm through exotic and familiar locations around the world. In the small breaks between his busy work schedule, the jet-setting lovebirds have travelled to Singapore, Bali, Italy, Spain, Austria, Germany, England, and China and continue to document their journeys on Instagram.

Though the locations, outfits, and hairstyles change the couple remains holding hands in all except one #followmeto picture where Natalia is swinging on a swing and Osmann is reaching his hand out. What a remarkable idea to document love and travel this way. Check out more images and follow Osmann on Instagram to see the newest pictures as they are added to the collection. You can see more of Osmann’s photography work on his website and his production work on

2-Murad Osmann

3-Murad Osmann

4-Murad Osmann

5-Murad Osmann

6-Murad Osmann

7-Murad Osmann

8-Murad Osmann

9-Murad Osmann

10-Murad Osmann

11-Murad Osmann

12-Murad Osmann

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  1. Bob

    If I had a girlfriend who looked like that, I’d follow here wherever she took me, too. (And photograph that luscious booty, too.)

  2. Luke

    I can see why he follows her. *cough*

    But jesus half of those photos are post processed to a point where it looks like a child has done it.

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