Artists Create 1000 Portraits of a Young Girl

Adorable 1000 portraits of daughter 13

Many people are thrilled to have someone paint or draw an image of their child… but imagine having 1000 portraits created of your precious little creation! That’s about the gist of this very cool project featuring adorable 3 year-old Adora Levin (aka NyuNyu). Her father, Hanan, had the idea of having artists from around the world create their own interpretation of images he’s posted of Adora, and the results are highly entertaining. The stack of art is piling up… with over 500 artists having already participated.

The project not only works as a great tribute to one man’s love for his daughter, but also as a showcase of a great amount of world-wide talent. With each contribution Hanan writes a thank you and description of each artist, including links to their individual websites. The artists range from students, to untrained amateurs, and published professionals. Most pieces are excellent.

The type of art based on cute little Adora is varied and creative, from highly contemporary painted pieces to realistic pencil drawings. Most examples feature her face in some recognizable form or another, although some have gone so far as to create abstract interpretations or even design oriented versions.

To see more of this project and explore the artists who have generously created work, see the links above our selections below or visit the projects temporary archive at Adora is certainly going to have a lot of early portraits to remember her youth!

(Artist Above: Willy Hwang)

Artist: Jean-Claude Grillet
Adorable 1000 portraits of daughter 5

Artist: Irina Stepanova
Adorable 1000 portraits of daughter 12

Artist: Ambro Jordi
Adorable 1000 portraits of daughter 1

Artist: Eszter Lukács
Adorable 1000 portraits of daughter 3

Artist: Richard B. Schuchman
Adorable 1000 portraits of daughter 4

Artist: Dhimant Vyas
Adorable 1000 portraits of daughter 6

Artist: Eric Petersen
Adorable 1000 portraits of daughter 7

Artist: Juan Jose Outeda
Adorable 1000 portraits of daughter 2

Artist: Marco Folchi
Adorable 1000 portraits of daughter 8

Artist: Tommy Parker
Adorable 1000 portraits of daughter 9

Artist: Maria Bozina
Adorable 1000 portraits of daughter 10

Artist: Daisy Edwards
Adorable 1000 portraits of daughter 11

Adora wearing her dad’s jeans:
Adorable 1000 portraits of daughter 14

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  1. This was a great article!!! I drew a piece called adora gazing at the stars for hanan. He is a wonderful father. I enjoy the journey he is having with nyu nyu . I love their relationship!! And I thank hanan for giving me the opportunity to showcase my artwork. Cynthia Jackson

  2. Working with Hanan was great, such a patient and kind client. It was cool to be a part of this project. I’m sure that one day Adora will look at all of this artwork and be amazed, just as I was. Seeing all of the different styles and incredible talent was humbling and inspiring. Best wishes to Hanan and Adora!

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