Inside the Amazing New Google Offices in Tel Aviv

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Just when you thought your office space was cool, here comes a new Google office design. Google has been known to provide great offices for their employees for years now and as a company have been committed to providing fun and stimulating workspaces for their employees. By doing so, they create environments where creative ideas flow. Some of these ideas end up becoming the next best product for Google.

In Israel, tech is rising and Tel Aviv is at the heart of it. The Google office in the Electra Tower occupies 8 floors and utilizes 85,000 square feet of space. The offices were designed by Camenzind Evolution, in collaboration with Setter Architects and Studio Yaron Tal.

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Shawn Saleme

Shawn Saleme is a contributing writer for Visual News. A 4th generation San Franciscan, Shawn has developed an adventurous spirit that has taken him to over 55 countries. His degree in cultural anthropology shapes his perspective and thirst to socially experiment in a rapidly shifting planet. His work has been featured in the Seattle Times, The Globalist and the Daily Mail. Currently he is writing a book about the shared economy. Connect with him @shawnsaleme.

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  1. The Gnomesays:

    Someone’s throwing fat stacks of cash at that company.

  2. Just when you think Google cannot up their game when it comes to the office space you see this! Amazingly innovative! I guess this is my new favorite among all the Google offices around the world. I like all that natural looking material and the earthy vibe it gives to the interior.

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