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Tree Roots as Art Installation

Friday 02.22.2013 , Posted by


Yes, those are tree roots hanging from the top of the ceiling. They are there as part of an ongoing exhibit called “Secret Gardens” at the TENT Gallery in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The artist, Giuseppe Licari, brought the trees to show an underworld many don’t get to contemplate much.

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The installation raises questions about the relationship between man and nature, of growth and decay, and many visitors were happy sitting under the tree roots rather than under tree branches. He says “The aura ‘is’ when the art ‘is’, and the art exists only at that time when the aura is simultaneously present.”

He also goes on to say that for him the work is complete only when the viewer is involved. “My work is an open-ended process of exploration of human perception and how it can be triggered through discrete or bold interventions.” Check out more of his art installation and other work here.







Photos by Job Janssen & Jan Adriaans.

Shawn Saleme

Written by Shawn Saleme

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