Cramped Hong Kong Apartments from Above

Hong Kong Appartments from Above 3

For people living in the west, it’s hard to imagine anyone living in an apartment this small. We think a small New York loft cleverly designed to make use of all its 200 square feet is impressive and maybe even attractive… but how about these cramped apartments in Hong Kong? Many of us have closets this size.


Shot from directly above with occupants lounging or working inside, these apartments are so small, compact and crammed with stuff that it is seriously difficult to make out their many overlapping details. Bunk beds cover cooking areas, food is stored in every nook and cranny, and apartment dwellers converse with one another while rubbing shoulders and knees. It’s hard to imaging living in such a sweltering city in these conditions, but for these people it is their everyday existence.

The Chinese Society for Community Organization produced the vertigo inducing series of photographs as part of a campaign to raise awareness for this type of living. It reminds us a lot of Skott Chandler’s House Watch series and Michael H. Rohde’s From Below, both giving us a unique perspective of the rooms we live in. The series also harkens back to the extremely cramped (and now demolished) Kowloon Walled City of Hong Kong’s past. In some ways, things haven’t changed.

Hong Kong Appartments from Above 2

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