Rán Flygenring’s Charming Life, Illustrated

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Charming. It was the word that came to mind when we ran across the work of Icelandic/Norwegian illustrator Rán Flygenring and her improvisational, doodling style of drawing and watercolor. She captures her nomadic lifestyle on small pieces of paper, coloring a beautiful world of interesting people, tasty food and worldwide travel.

Perhaps some of Rán’s most interesting pieces are those which capture the data from her daily life – recipes spring to life in all their various parts (labeled of course), buildings she visits become 3D floor plans… and even gastrointestinal experiences in India are explained through a chronological diagram.

In the summer of 2011, the now 25 year old illustrator took on the title of “Official Illustrator of Reykjavik,” traveling around the city and drawing the scenes of daily life. Her work captures a snap-shot of the northern city, its citizens and their culture as someone would with a camera – her work however does so in her own uniquely penned style.

Ready to see more from Rán? You can see plenty more of her work on her blog or her personal website, ranflygenring.com.

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Take a walking tour of Reykjavik with Rán Flygenring in her introduction video for the Official Illustrator of Reykjavik series:

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