Debt-Free: The Piano Tuner Who Chooses to Be Homeless

Richard the Homeless Piano Tuner 4

Many people in our modern world feel trapped in the rat race, daily struggling to make ends meet in their constant battle against bills… but for what? For Richard Roberts the answer after he looked around his apartment was simple: he didn’t need all this stuff. His TV and Playstation sat idly while he worked all day as a piano tuner trying to pay off years of remaining school debt. What use was an apartment if he didn’t have the time to enjoy it. Robert’s unusual and minimalist solution: go homeless.

The subject of a recent Staff Pick at Vimeo, Robert tells us of his far from crazy choice to give up urban dwelling and instead call the streets, parks and even lakes of London home. Few would make such a drastic decision, but Robert says he’s happier than he’s ever been; now living debt-free after just 1 1/2 years of living homeless. He bathes in ponds (his hot shower was the only thing he really valued about living conventionally), makes house calls by bicycle (few people realize he’s homeless), and enjoys his new found time and freedom. In a city known for its bustle, high fashion and chilling cold; this fellow has taken a highly unconventional step… but it seems to be paying off in the financial and spiritual aspects of life.

Watch the incredibly beautiful video below, then you can find out more about Richard (including a look at his philosophy on stuff and what he carries each day) at

Richard the Homeless Piano Tuner 1

Richard the Homeless Piano Tuner 2

Richard the Homeless Piano Tuner 5

Via: odditycentral

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  1. Michael Reutlinger

    Hey Everybody !!

    Remember what Oscar Wilde said ” Money is only for people that pay their bills ”

    Richard Roberts is my hero!!!

  2. Olivia

    That’s true- many are stuck making ends meat. I think a lot of it can be avoided if we live within our means. If I don’t have the money- I don’t buy it. Simple as that.

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