Welcome to the Robot Restaurant in China


In another new chapter of artificial intelligences comes the restaurant that is served by robots. In the town of Harbin, China, there are robots that welcome, cook, serve and sing for the guests while they dine on the cuisine. Meals such as noodles, french fries, dumplings and rice dishes are served at the establishment.


In total there are 20 robots working at the restaurant. They were designed and built by a local firm, the Harbin Haohai Robot Company. Each robot cost about $31,500 – US$47,000. The restaurant robots have gained significant worldwide attention and have proven to be a brilliant marketing plan for the restaurant, whose meals only range from $10 and less. The customers, so far, are satisfied with the food and enjoy the experience.






A 'waiter' robot holds an empty tray after serving meals to the customers

Human waiters assist the robots in loading the trays of food

Robot delivers French fries to customers at a Robot Restaurant in Harbin

via amusing planet

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